Tindalls Bakers and Delicatessen

Carol Cox, Proprietor

We moved here in 2000, but Tindalls goes back a long way. The shop is named after Jack and Ernest Tindall, a baker and butcher who owned it up until the 1960s. In spite of the four owners in between the name has stayed — it belongs to the place and it’s part of Tideswell’s history.

Some of our recipes are as old as the name, and today our pork pies still use Jack and Ernest’s original recipe. When we moved in some of the original staff were still here, and they passed on their knowledge and taught my dad and I how to make the pork pies. Now they’ve moved on, but my Dad still helps me bake every morning. However, when we first moved in the villagers nicknamed him ‘Billy Bloomer’ because he was always making mistakes with the bread. Now my son John bakes the bread and Dad sticks to the pork pies, but we still end up with the odd Billy Bloomer!

Today, our best-sellers are still our handmade pork pies and our fresh bread, but our Tidza Puds (our own take on Bakewell Puddings), Wakes Cakes, Fidgety Pasties and Thar Cakes, which use recipes that are hundreds of years old, also keep the customers coming back for more. Three generations of my family work here and we’re very proud of everything that we produce. Thanks for buying ‘Tideswell Made’ — Carol

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