Phil Gibbs – My Story

The name over the door, NT Gibbs is my father’s- Norman Gibbs. He bought this as a butchers shop in 1958, which had been run by Sam Grundy from the 1920s.

At one point there were 5 butchers in Tideswell, now we’re the last one standing. I run “Gibby’s” as we’re locally known with my sister Janice. Dad still lives next door and we do call on him for help at times, but he’s supposed to be retired now.

Our beef and lamb is all local – for example we get the lamb from David Elliott’s farm at Great Hucklow – David also runs the Chip Shop opposite the Church. Our Pork and Poultry has to come from local wholesalers but we keep a critical eye on quality and make sure it’s as good as possible as well as being as local as possible.

We’re pretty well known locally for our home made black pudding, pies, cooked meats and sausages. We’ve won a national award for our black pudding, and we even post it to some folk who’ve tried it while visiting one of the local B&Bs who serve it, and they say they can’t find anything like it at home.

As a traditional family butcher we are always happy to prepare cuts to order and give some advice on how to prepare our quality meats, and if you don’t see what you want, don’t be afraid to ask.

We think people would miss us if we weren’t here, so that’s why we support Tideswell Made.


Phil Gibbs

NT Gibbs Butchers

Queen St, Tideswell

01298 871221

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