Peaches Greengrocers – Our Story

Victoria Stafford, Proprietor

I’ve lived in the village all my life and I went to work in the Co-op when I left school. I ended up as supervisor but I’ve always wanted my own business and when the village greengrocers became vacant I jumped at the chance. People didn’t want to see it close, and I thought it would be good to take it over. My Mum and Dad and brothers all helped to get me started, and I’m proud of Peaches Greengrocers. We’ve tried to make it as welcoming as possible, to make it look rustic, and nothing like a supermarket. I put the displays outside so that people come in for a nosey.

I get the fruit and veg from a local wholesaler and I go to Sheffield market (at 3am!) for special things. I’m always on the lookout for something different, that’s what people expect from a Fruit and Veg specialist. You can order unusual ingredients such as Dragon Fruits, Kohl Rabi, and Fresh Horseradish and I’ll get them. I use as much local produce as I can get. Auntie Stella sells me produce from her allotment, and other local growers bring me crops when they can.

We do a lot of Veg Boxes at Peaches Greengrocers – they are very popular and sometimes people end up trying different things that they come back and buy again. I make up selections of fruit, vegetables, salad, or a mixed box of everything- and that’s another thing that supermarkets don’t do!

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