Soup and Bread Day

Veg prep at Bishop Pursglove SchoolIn preparation for tomorrow’s Soup day at Chantry Court, year 5 children at Bishop Pursglove School in Tideswell, today spent the morning chopping veg (lots of tears over the onions) and making bread.  The staff room was filled with lovely soupy smells and most of the children ended up with the same number of fingers as they started with.

Down at Tindalls, Carol showed the children how to knead dough and they produced lots of yummy looking rolls for tomorrow’s feast.

Thanks to Tina for coordinating it all and the helpers for overseeing the chopping.  Hopefully this is the first of many such occasions when we see the children developing their cooking skills.  Quote of the day was from one child who said “I’ve never chopped a vegetable before.”

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