Research continues

They say life is one long opportunity to learn new things (not sure who they is but hang with me here), and this has certainly been true this week.  On Tuesday Tim and I met up with a real life professor of brewing from Nottingham University, Chris, l who took us through the brewing process and the challenges that we had in kitting out our nano-brewery.

Fast-forward to today and Rod and I were dragged screaming by the BBC to Thornbridge brewery in Bakewell to meet brewer Kerry. We got to see their original brewing kit, which would fit very well into our nano-brewery space and then a tour of their brand new two million pints a year brewery.  We finished with an opportunity to sample a range of their very different brews.

What came across on both occasions was the absolute enthusiasm of both Chris and Kerry.  Passion for brewing and the “art of the science”, along the absolute willingness to help us with our non-brewery teaching unit.

Today we also went to see Ryan at Middlepeak Marble who will be cutting our kitchen worktop.  More learning about the different qualities of granite and marble and why he’d suggested we go for the grey granite top. Templating and cutting in mid November in time for late November building completion.

Thanks guys and we look forward to working with you all in the future.

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