Headline News- Sell It

This is all the latest news from the branding activity and what we are doing to help our local food businesses to grow and prosper:

  • Decided on names for the main elements of the project: “Taste Tideswell”, “Tideswell Made”, “Tideswell Grown”, “Tideswell School of Food” (all ™ )
  • Branding and designs developed and presented successfully to the village Marketing Group thanks to our agency partners, Peter and Paul – highly recommended branding and planning folk in Sheffield.
  • Dobbies at Chesterfield may stock Taste Tideswell products when we’re ready.
  • I’m planning a “masterclass” in the village for existing and start-up businesses- a Professor from Kent University who has access to “Dunhumby” (Tesco) data and research will attend – What lessons can be learned from Tesco?
  • A carload is going to a seminar on “Making Local Food Work”- Leamington Spa Weds 20th Oct. Anyone want to join in?
  • Village Market research- we are planning a customer satisfaction survey thanks to Derby University at Buxton.
  • We’ve had some new business start-ups already! Holdsworth’s Shop, and Cherry Tree. Welcome to Tideswell.
  • Giving help and advice to locals about business start-up ideas; Honey, Pizza, Catering, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
  • Discussed opportunity for Farmers Market- need someone to take this on-any volunteers?
  • Developed the criteria for the Trust Mark scheme- about to discuss with all traders

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