Laying the foundations

Amanda admiring the new compost bins

Amanda admiring the new compost bins

Working in the Tideswell Community Garden at this time of year can be a challenge. It’s wet, cold and muddy and the greenery is hard to find. But this time of year is all about laying the foundations for a successful Summer. The warmth of summertime seemed a long way off to the trusty band of volunteers who braved the rain for February’s garden growing day. But we achieved a lot before we all got too cold.

We planted 200 onions that will produce a great crop later in the year, this sterling work was done by Helen and Mick, who had never planted onion sets before.

We also constructed two great compost bays. Using only recycled materials and our own ingenuity, we have built a great facility that not only will help recycle compostable waste from the Tideswell School of Food but also the Vanilla Kitchen, a great Tideswell cafe. In fact the new compost bins had a great start in life with 4 big tubs of veggie peelings from the Vanilla Kitchen.

Our next growing day in the community garden is Sunday 27th March at 10.30; see you there, it might even be sunny!

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