The final line-up for the Tideswell Food Festival

The final line-up is now in place for the Tideswell Food Festival and we are all getting peckish!FF2016logo


The latest update on the traders at the Tideswell Food Festival 2016

Tideswell Food Festival 2016 fllierAll of us at Tideswell Food Festival hope you had a Happy Easter, and enjoyed some wonderful local food.

Here’s the latest update on the traders at the food festival. It’s getting closer – just a month away now, and we are all getting really excited!



The Parish Church at the Food Festival

On Tideswell Food Festival day, there’s something for everyone at St John’s Church.

Tideswell’s beautiful 14th C Parish Church, also known as the Cathedral of the Peak, will be open 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday 30 April 2016.



Space for quiet reflection away from the business and bustle of the Food Festival

Music from Tideswell Singers and others during the day

Crafts in the Chancel 10 am to 4 pm – a chance to meet local craftspeople, and buy hand dyed yarns, felting, jewellery, cards and other crafts

Nibbles in the Nave 10 am to 4 pm, with the chance for a taster from 1 pm – talk to local people about their favourite recipes, try the results, buy the recipe booklet to take home, and browse the kitchenalia and table linens available for a donation.

Visit the Community Garden behind the Church

Bringing together food from across Derbyshire and elsewhere – Tideswell Food Festival

Two months away and counting – Tideswell Food Festival: A wonderful festival of food in the beautiful Peak District – 30 April 2016

The list of traders for the Tideswell Food Festival is ever growing

The list of traders for the Tideswell Food Festival is ever growing – come and see and sample and shop at the festival in the streets of Tideswell on 30 April 2016!


Tideswell Food Festival 2015 – entertainment and events

Food Festival Crowds 2012

Community Garden Feb growing day

There’s something for everyone at the Tideswell Food Festival this year, from food to music, and from donkey rides to kitchen gardens!





Time Event Venue
11–11.30am Tideswell Band Fountain Square
11–11.30am Rayburn demonstrations Stove Centre @ The Courtyard
11am-1pm Craft activities for kids Flossie Teacake Shop, Commercial Rd
12–12.20pm Ripley Green Garters Morris Dancers Fountain Square near War Memorial
12.30pm Madame Zucchini vegetable entertainer Walkabout the village
1–1.20pm Ripley Green Garters Morris Dancers Fountain Square near War Memorial
1–1.30pm Wine tasting with John Hattersley – “Wines Around The World“ The George Inn Lounge Bar

(£5 – Tickets from Tideswell Stores)

1.30–2pm Tideswell Singers Gratton Gardens (opp Natwest)
1.30–2pm Rayburn demonstrations Stove Centre @ The Courtyard
2pm Madame Zucchini vegetable entertainer Walkabout the village
2–2.30pm Wine tasting with John Hattersley – “Wines Around The World “ The George Inn Lounge Bar

(£5 – Tickets from Tideswell Stores)

2.15–2.45pm Tideswell Singers Outside St John’s Parish Church
2.45pm Madame Zucchini vegetable-based theatre St John’s Parish Church
2.45-3.15pm Tideswell Male Voice Choir Outside St John’s Institute
3-3.30pm Wine tasting with John Hattersley – “Wines Around The World “ The George Inn Lounge Bar

(£5 – Tickets from Tideswell Stores)

3.25-3.55pm Tideswell Male Voice Choir Outside St John’s Institute
3–4pm Rayburn demonstrations Stove Centre @ The Courtyard

Donkey Rides throughout the day – outside St John’s Institute (behind St John’s Parish Church).

Tickets for John Hattersley’s wine tasting – Wines Around The World in 30 Minutes, with the opportunity to taste 6 wines – are available at Tideswell Stores £5.

Markovitz Stove Centre will have wood oven demonstrations throughout the day.

Tideswell Kitchen Garden (behind St John’s Institute) is open all day – learn how to make paper pots, chat with the volunteers (and maybe get a few hints and tips), and buy plants, herbs and books to give your garden a kick start for 2015.

Look out for the All in the Same Boat Street Theatre in Tideswell’s streets throughout the afternoon.

St John’s Parish Church is open 1.30-4.30 –talk to local people about their creations, try samples, and buy the recipes. Get hints and tips, and look at the ‘pre-loved’ cookery books on sale. Home-made refreshments available. The church will be closed in the morning for a wedding.

Tideswell Food Festival 2015


 Save money– a round trip to Buxton costs about £3.00* plus parking

  • Support local businesses and local jobs
  • Save time
  • Save food miles and reduce carbon footprint
  • Eat better-locally made food is fresher
  • Where food is made on the premises or selected by people who serve you, you can be sure of its quality and origin
  • The Tideswell Made symbol makes it easy to tell what’s local
  • To save waste- supermarkets are designed to make you buy on impulse. Shop local and just get what you need.
  • To preserve our community – shopping is a social activity and the shops we use are essential to the village, especially for the elderly and those without transport
  • Value for money is often as good as the supermarkets.

You might be surprised by how keen some of the prices are in Tideswell. Don’t forget that a supermarket typically stocks around 30,000 items but often promotes only a fraction of those at a time. We are very lucky to have Tideswell Stores and the Co-Op that run keen promotions and supplement the ranges of the other specialist food shops in the village.

Shop LocalTaste Tideswell was set up to bring more trade to the village so that our local shops and cafes would survive and thrive. The School of Food and the publicity from the Village SOS TV programme has given trade a welcome boost. But around 1 in 3 villagers do less than 10% of their shopping locally. As winter arrives and we enter the slow season for tourism, villagers should support local shops- and not just when the snow falls. You’d miss them if they weren’t there.


*based on 18 mile round trip @35mpg and fuel at £1.35/litre


Tasting Tideswell

Scores of visitors to Tideswell today have resulted in some shops selling out!  Tindalls, who feature on last night’s BBC! Village SOS programme, have been baking all day (Carol is the one wearing the wig and dark glasses!) and the Cherry Tree, Tideswell’s newest food shop, have been running out too.  Visitors to the School of Food say that some of the pubs have run out of food too.

Penny Ward, of Litton Larder, the Queen of the Sticky Toffee Puds, has been busy making 150 STP’s in the School’s commercial kitchen and they’re flying out of the Peak Dairy shop.

We’re expecting similar numbers in the village tomorrow and over the weekend, so traders, stock up now and visitors, bring your pennies.

Local food at Litton Winter Market

Local food producers and retailers along with lots of other crafts people will be at the Litton Winter Market on Friday 10th December. This is the second year of the market and after the massive response from local people last year we are gearing up for a very busy evening. With the added interest in Taste Tideswell this year we expect even more people to enjoy the festive atmosphere and shopping.

Litton village green will be given over to a street market for “shopping how it used to be”. Last year over 600 visitors came along to enjoy the festive spirit and the range of local foods and gift stalls.

This year we have even more choice for your Christmas shopping ranging from wines, preserves, puddings, fresh fish, our local dairy to fabulous local photography, hand made jewelry, festive cards, decorations, traditional wooden toys and lots more.

The good people of Litton will warm your soul whatever the weather by selling spicy mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and hot sausage or lamb butties from our winter barbecue.

So here’s a chance to discover a great way to do your Christmas shopping!

Headline News- Sell It

This is all the latest news from the branding activity and what we are doing to help our local food businesses to grow and prosper:

  • Decided on names for the main elements of the project: “Taste Tideswell”, “Tideswell Made”, “Tideswell Grown”, “Tideswell School of Food” (all ™ )
  • Branding and designs developed and presented successfully to the village Marketing Group thanks to our agency partners, Peter and Paul – highly recommended branding and planning folk in Sheffield.
  • Dobbies at Chesterfield may stock Taste Tideswell products when we’re ready.
  • I’m planning a “masterclass” in the village for existing and start-up businesses- a Professor from Kent University who has access to “Dunhumby” (Tesco) data and research will attend – What lessons can be learned from Tesco?
  • A carload is going to a seminar on “Making Local Food Work”- Leamington Spa Weds 20th Oct. Anyone want to join in?
  • Village Market research- we are planning a customer satisfaction survey thanks to Derby University at Buxton.
  • We’ve had some new business start-ups already! Holdsworth’s Shop, and Cherry Tree. Welcome to Tideswell.
  • Giving help and advice to locals about business start-up ideas; Honey, Pizza, Catering, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
  • Discussed opportunity for Farmers Market- need someone to take this on-any volunteers?
  • Developed the criteria for the Trust Mark scheme- about to discuss with all traders