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 Save money– a round trip to Buxton costs about £3.00* plus parking

  • Support local businesses and local jobs
  • Save time
  • Save food miles and reduce carbon footprint
  • Eat better-locally made food is fresher
  • Where food is made on the premises or selected by people who serve you, you can be sure of its quality and origin
  • The Tideswell Made symbol makes it easy to tell what’s local
  • To save waste- supermarkets are designed to make you buy on impulse. Shop local and just get what you need.
  • To preserve our community – shopping is a social activity and the shops we use are essential to the village, especially for the elderly and those without transport
  • Value for money is often as good as the supermarkets.

You might be surprised by how keen some of the prices are in Tideswell. Don’t forget that a supermarket typically stocks around 30,000 items but often promotes only a fraction of those at a time. We are very lucky to have Tideswell Stores and the Co-Op that run keen promotions and supplement the ranges of the other specialist food shops in the village.

Shop LocalTaste Tideswell was set up to bring more trade to the village so that our local shops and cafes would survive and thrive. The School of Food and the publicity from the Village SOS TV programme has given trade a welcome boost. But around 1 in 3 villagers do less than 10% of their shopping locally. As winter arrives and we enter the slow season for tourism, villagers should support local shops- and not just when the snow falls. You’d miss them if they weren’t there.


*based on 18 mile round trip @35mpg and fuel at £1.35/litre