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Which came first, the chicken, the egg, or the cupcake?


When someone asks you if you will make 2,300 cup cakes most of us would probably say and emphatic “No!” However, Michelle Lindley, who works as Education Officer at Taste Tideswell isn’t so meek.

“If I’d realised quite how much work was involved, I probably would have declined” she confesses, “but when I did a trial run it all seemed to work swimmingly! We made the cakes over a few days, working in the teaching kitchen here at the Tideswell School of Food.  We certainly needed a lot of space – 2,300 cup cakes take up a lot of room – whether it’s just the ingredients or the finished article. Then we had to crack on with decorating and packing them. One thing that made it much easier, is that we had all the right equipment, and icing that many cakes certainly required it!

We also had a fantastic team of supporters and helpers – from Derby Diocese and the local primary school. It was all in aid of celebrating 200 years of church schools, and it was the idea of Alison Brown, the Deputy Director and Schools’ Adviser from the Diocese to offer each child who participated their own birthday cake. It was such a great idea, though the words “never again!” were heard from time to time! But when you heard all the children from various primary schools singing songs they’d learned specially, it was really heart-warming and seeing their pleasure in receiving the cakes really did make it all worth while.”

It also introduced us to a great local project called Highfields Happy Hens in Etwall (they donated the eggs for the cakes) – have a look at this link and read their story. Their work is very impressive.”