Monthly Archives: November 2010

Here’s the branding

There’s more to this than meets the eye, but we like the simple, sturdy statement the “Tideswell T” makes.  It’s our emblem and symbol for the whole project, and works really well on packs as Tideswell Made, and on the School as Tideswell School of Food. Like the bite?

The Taste Tideswell branding

The Taste Tideswell branding

Almost there

We’re almost ready to open the Tideswell School of Food- on time, on budget, and looking great. The Builders, Graham Stuart and Co have done a great job and all our suppliers have turned up trumps. We’ll be inviting the whole village to look around and take part in all sorts of cooking activities from 6th December. Full leisure courses start in January. Website will be up by 6th Dec . Lots still to do- stocking and equipping, branding and decorating, but everyone’s pulling together and it’ll be all right on the night.

Also had our first Marketing Masterclass this week with a visit from 2 experts from kent University using Tesco/Dunhumby data to show “who buys my food”. We’ve got 3 key members of staff joining us over the next 2-3 weeks, with 2 more to come soon.  They cant come soon enough!

I’ve had some really rewarding experiences recently, from encouraging co-operation from all the retailers, to baking bread and making Pork Pies  at Tindalls the Bakers, and even milking the cows at Peak District Dairy.

I’d like to assure everyone that no animals or champions were harmed in the making of this programme.