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More Great PR Coverage for Taste Tideswell

Really nice article in Derbyshire Life Magazine this month on Taste Tideswell.

Take a look- it’s a great introduction to what we are about. Read all about it!!!  (PDF here) Derbyshire Life Nov 2010

Local food at Litton Winter Market

Local food producers and retailers along with lots of other crafts people will be at the Litton Winter Market on Friday 10th December. This is the second year of the market and after the massive response from local people last year we are gearing up for a very busy evening. With the added interest in Taste Tideswell this year we expect even more people to enjoy the festive atmosphere and shopping.

Litton village green will be given over to a street market for “shopping how it used to be”. Last year over 600 visitors came along to enjoy the festive spirit and the range of local foods and gift stalls.

This year we have even more choice for your Christmas shopping ranging from wines, preserves, puddings, fresh fish, our local dairy to fabulous local photography, hand made jewelry, festive cards, decorations, traditional wooden toys and lots more.

The good people of Litton will warm your soul whatever the weather by selling spicy mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and hot sausage or lamb butties from our winter barbecue.

So here’s a chance to discover a great way to do your Christmas shopping!

Soup and Bread Day

Veg prep at Bishop Pursglove SchoolIn preparation for tomorrow’s Soup day at Chantry Court, year 5 children at Bishop Pursglove School in Tideswell, today spent the morning chopping veg (lots of tears over the onions) and making bread.  The staff room was filled with lovely soupy smells and most of the children ended up with the same number of fingers as they started with.

Down at Tindalls, Carol showed the children how to knead dough and they produced lots of yummy looking rolls for tomorrow’s feast.

Thanks to Tina for coordinating it all and the helpers for overseeing the chopping.  Hopefully this is the first of many such occasions when we see the children developing their cooking skills.  Quote of the day was from one child who said “I’ve never chopped a vegetable before.”

Job descriptions available

Head over to the Jobs@ Taste Tideswell Page and you can download the job descriptions for the posts we have available.

Research continues

They say life is one long opportunity to learn new things (not sure who they is but hang with me here), and this has certainly been true this week.  On Tuesday Tim and I met up with a real life professor of brewing from Nottingham University, Chris, l who took us through the brewing process and the challenges that we had in kitting out our nano-brewery.

Fast-forward to today and Rod and I were dragged screaming by the BBC to Thornbridge brewery in Bakewell to meet brewer Kerry. We got to see their original brewing kit, which would fit very well into our nano-brewery space and then a tour of their brand new two million pints a year brewery.  We finished with an opportunity to sample a range of their very different brews.

What came across on both occasions was the absolute enthusiasm of both Chris and Kerry.  Passion for brewing and the “art of the science”, along the absolute willingness to help us with our non-brewery teaching unit.

Today we also went to see Ryan at Middlepeak Marble who will be cutting our kitchen worktop.  More learning about the different qualities of granite and marble and why he’d suggested we go for the grey granite top. Templating and cutting in mid November in time for late November building completion.

Thanks guys and we look forward to working with you all in the future.

So Tim, how’s it going?

I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve been asked that question, on and off camera. It’s great to have the support and interest of so many villagers in Tideswell, and indeed friends in my “home” village of Easton on the Hill and beyond. I know lots of my professional colleagues and clients are taking an active interest too, so I hope the recent furious “blogging in bullet points” below gives some idea of the work that’s going on, and this gives you a feel for the job I’m doing.

It’s busy- that’s an understatement. It’s not only the volume of work that has to be done , but the diversity of it. I’m not complaining, and I’m certainly not the only busy body around. I’m amazed how so many committed villagers on the “core team” are managing to hold down a day job while putting in many hours of discussion and delivering on the project.

Personally I constantly bounce between tasks that are in my comfort zone and those that aren’t.

The briefing and selection of an agency (“Peter and Paul”- seen here visiting for a briefing) and working with them to develop the clear thinking behind the brand and the great designs they have produced in double quick time is familiar ground, but it’s what I’m primarily expected to deliver, so the pressure to get it right is pretty obvious.  This week we had a massive turning point on the branding, when we presented to the Marketing Group and the Board, and we came away with the right decision on a really striking but simple logo. I confess to going into “sales mode” in the meeting and when we got the right result, I further confess to celebrating a little too hard at the George afterwards.

It’s the experience of things outside my norm of Corporate Marketing Consultancy and NPD that make this job even more rewarding though. I can walk out of my cottage front door on the High St to buy a loaf from Tindalls, some mince from Gibbs the Butchers, some apples from Peaches, or maybe a saddo’s ready meal from the Co-Op.  Some days that can take a couple of hours! Talking to people in the real life setting of their own retail businesses, with real customers there deciding on whether or not to part with real hard earned cash- that’s real marketing.  I hope that the principles of marketing can be applied to Tideswell and show how real marketing can benefit communities as well as companies.

Even further away from my comfort zone I’ve been on cookery courses, helped to select granite worktops and kitchen equipment, (although Juliet Waugh has made the important decisions), puzzled over architects drawings, looked for brewing expertise and equipment, choosen phone systems and computers (almost), begged for help from suppliers, friends, and business contacts (thanks to all!) written job descriptions and advertisements, discussed many new business ideas, and pushed newsletters through several doors.  All of this gets punctuated by the arrival of our good friends from the BBC,  Jane and Mandy, (or Hinge and Bracket as they are better known) and the opportunity to try and say the simplest things correctly on camera. I do ramble on, and there’s going to be quite a bit of me on the cutting room floor before we’re done. Why do I always think of the clever phrase just after they’ve left?

Hope that paints a picture for you- watch this space for developments!

Job Vacancies- Advertisement in local press

Taste Tideswell Ltd and The Tideswell School of Food

The Tideswell School of Food is a new Cookery School, Community Kitchen, and Education Venue in Tideswell, in the Peak District. It is a social enterprise at the heart of a wider project to boost the local food economy and encourage participation in the local food chain.

The project is part of Village SOS- an initiative by Big Lottery Fund and the BBC to inspire a UK rural revival.

We require  the following staff to help set up and run the School of Food, which is due to open in early December.

Operations Manager. (Full time) Responsible for the day to day management of the School of Food and its resources in support of all project streams. One direct report, and working with cookery and tuition staff. Candidates will be top administrators with experience in catering, events, hospitality, or 3rd sector management.

Head Of School (Part time) Responsible for the development of cookery course portfolio, teaching content and delivery of core community courses. Will identify and manage  visiting cooks/chefs.  Some overtime will be available. Three part time reports and working with administration and education staff. Candidates will be well qualified chefs with experience of teaching and demonstration.

Marketing and Administration Assistant (Full time). Responsible for general office administration, website updates and marketing activity implementation. Candidates will be marketing literate with excellent administation and customer management skills.

Education Officer (Part time); Responsible for managing all education partnerships, developing broader education content, aimed primarily at children at KS2&3 and sharing experience with other groups. Candidates will have a teaching background and experience of developing innovative teaching materials.

Kitchen Staff (part time): 2 Kitchen Assistants and one Cleaner/porter are required. Whilst some training will be given, evidence of experience in similar roles will be an advantage,

Job holders will need to have a flexible approach to working hours and be able to travel to Tideswell.

In all cases please apply to with a full C.V. and covering note setting out your suitability for the chosen role, your current salary and benefits package, and your salary expectations.

Postal applications: Taste Tideswell Ltd, The Courtyard, Commercial Road, Tideswell, SK17 8NY

Salary and benefits offered will be fair and reasonable in line with experience.

Taste Tideswell believes in providing equal opportunities to all applicants.

Closing date for applications: October 25th 2010

No agencies.

Headline News- Grow It

We’re all about the local food chain- “from Plot to Plate”- this is where it all starts and where anyone can get involved

  • Community Garden looking good –lots of volunteer effort has paid off
  • Harvested crops- some to St Johns Harvest supperauction in aid of Charity
  • Landscaping work will start soon- wall building has started.
  • Have installed an outside tap- at last.
  • Looking into trips for Bee Keeping and to Todmorden
  • Lots of help and donations from Dobbies of Chesterfield and The Fenceline

Headline News- Sell It

This is all the latest news from the branding activity and what we are doing to help our local food businesses to grow and prosper:

  • Decided on names for the main elements of the project: “Taste Tideswell”, “Tideswell Made”, “Tideswell Grown”, “Tideswell School of Food” (all ™ )
  • Branding and designs developed and presented successfully to the village Marketing Group thanks to our agency partners, Peter and Paul – highly recommended branding and planning folk in Sheffield.
  • Dobbies at Chesterfield may stock Taste Tideswell products when we’re ready.
  • I’m planning a “masterclass” in the village for existing and start-up businesses- a Professor from Kent University who has access to “Dunhumby” (Tesco) data and research will attend – What lessons can be learned from Tesco?
  • A carload is going to a seminar on “Making Local Food Work”- Leamington Spa Weds 20th Oct. Anyone want to join in?
  • Village Market research- we are planning a customer satisfaction survey thanks to Derby University at Buxton.
  • We’ve had some new business start-ups already! Holdsworth’s Shop, and Cherry Tree. Welcome to Tideswell.
  • Giving help and advice to locals about business start-up ideas; Honey, Pizza, Catering, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
  • Discussed opportunity for Farmers Market- need someone to take this on-any volunteers?
  • Developed the criteria for the Trust Mark scheme- about to discuss with all traders

Headline News- Cook It

Here’s the latest on the major part of the project- building and running a Cookery School

  • Courtyard Building -conversion work is well underway, and on plan- open early Dec
  • Naming decision made- Tideswell School of Food.
  • 2 of us have been on 2 cookery school courses in Devon and Halifax to learn how it’s done from top cookery schools- thanks to Prue Leith for her advice,  Ashburton Cookery School and Stella West-Harling, and Anita Cormack at The Cooking School at Dean Clough
  • All major kitchen equipment supply negotiated and ordered- thanks to Neff, Franke Sissons, Astrocast, Middle Peak Marble, Markowitz
  • Sorting out phone and computer requirements with help from David Brindley in the village
  • About to advertise for staff- closing date for applications 25th October.
  • Holding page website set up ready for enquiries – Tideswell School of Food
  • October is very busy with some critical actions- School of Food course planning, recruitment, more equipment specifying, pricing and costs, starting a voucher scheme, finding some brewery equipment and developing the courses, identfying payment systems, etc etc…