Monthly Archives: March 2010

Round Two over!

The Business Plan and the Capital Delivery Plan have now been delivered to Birmingham.  After considerable hard work from the entire team, which has grown dramatically over the past few weeks, we have a plan that we can be proud of.  We’ll post the plan onto the website soon, so you can get the details of what we are planning but in short the project is as such.

The Taste Tideswell Brand will unite food grown and produced in the village under a common banner.  By marketing this brand we can help individual producers increase the sales ensuring that we retain the variety of shops in the village that we currently have, and even attract some new ones.

We’ll develop the old Stove Shop up at Markovitz’s Courtyard building into a Community Kitchen cum Cookery School, establish a small commercial kitchen facility and set up a small test brewery facility.  There will also be a resource library for the project here and the project’s offices.

The Grow It part of the plan no longer has a smallholding as part of the scheme.  Instead we will harness the current enthusiasm that people have for growing things and help develop it.  we will establish a community orchard on spare ground throughout the village and in people’s gardens (if they want to of course), we will run courses for people wanting to know how to grow  things and will establish community herb gardens that we can all enjoy and use.  We’ll have an equipment library so individuals don’t have to buy large gardening items and we’ll encourage the growing of edible plants through edible hanging baskets and similar.  We’ll also be transforming the area of waste ground behind the Institute into a kitchen garden for the project.

Tying all this together will be an educational element where we’ll work with local school children to teach them about the importance of healthy eating and growing and eating locally produced food.

The plan has come on a long way over the past few months and in parts is different from our original thoughts.  What we now have is all based on thorough thinking and costings and is, we  believe a robust and achievable project.  We now await the presentation to the lottery  and the big decision in May.